The Key to Success

This Transformation Tuesday is a story of hard work and dedication from an EVOLVE by Melissa Client. These results are the outcome of just over 4months of personalized programs and small nutritional changes over time. These changes weren’t made overnight, they weren’t made with 50% compliance to the program, and if you ask her, it wasn’t all smooth sailing, but this is a story of change, both mentally and physically.

The following pictures are from Week 1 to Week 16, and while they show aesthetically the amazing transformation of her body so far, they don’t show all of the other victories she has made along the way. With only a 2kg change in body weight, she has added more lean muscle mass, while dropping overall body fat, hit multiple personal bests in her lifts, and improved her confidence, health and energy! This is the story of Client X and her process towards reaching her goals.

IMG_5349Processed with Rookie CamIMG_5350

Wouldn’t we all love the secret formula to reaching all of our fitness/wellness goals. It seems everywhere you look you see all sorts of fitness promises to the public. “Lose 20lbs in 30days!” “Transform your body is just 2 short weeks!” We’ve all seen them, and some of you may have been seduced into buying whatever product or program they were selling.  There are hundreds of Fad Diets or Fad Workouts out there with one thing in common, they promise a great outcome in a short amount of time or with an easy fix. In truth, those Diets/Workouts all hook you with that first week where you feel like the weight is falling off and the motivation is high! But as most of you who have tried one know, after a week or two, you just find yourself falling back into old habits and/or struggling to keep up with your initial weeks determination. Enter the YoYo Dieting phases! Let’s face it, your body can only run on  those Juice Detoxes for so long before it goes on strike. Most of these fad diets/workouts aren’t sustainable and aren’t really addressing YOU and a more sustainable way of change which is building new healthy habits.  So why do so many industries continue to promote these “quick fixes?”


Imagine this advertisement: “In just 6-12months, following a balanced/sustainable way of eating that includes a healthy mix of veggies/carbs/fats/protein along with 4-5 days per week of training including a mix of strength training with high and low intensity conditioning, you will start to feel better both inside and out and start to reach those fitness and wellness goals you have been dreaming about.”

Now compare that to some of the examples you might see with a fitness model posing next to an endorsed book with promises to lose X pounds in 21 days or a bikini model drinking a “magic” shake with the promise of weight loss by simply adding this shake into your daily routine.

Which one is sexier? More appealing? The one that promises quick/easy results, or the one that will have you gradually reaching your goals through work and habit changes? Of course the advertisements promising those quick results will bring in the $$ before those that actually leave you with life long results. It is intimidating to think that you will have to actually put in months of work for gradual results.

So looking back at Client X, she came to me as many clients do with frustration and discouragement. She was already very active and a relatively healthy eater, running multiple times per week alongside of a couple Circuit Style training sessions per week. She had hit a plateau in her training after her body had basically adapted to the same stimulus from training week after week.  Nothing is more frustrating then feeling like you are working your butt off and not seeing results. With some general nutritional guidelines, we made some small changes to her current eating and then changed up her fitness training plans right away. We spent the first month focussing on building up a foundation of strength and technique adding in 3 strength/resistance focussed sessions per week, 1 High Intensity Weights session, and 1-2 Running Sessions per week. In just a short month, she already began to see changes to her body from the added stimulus of weight training.

From here, the next 2 months, she continued with the 3x per week strength sessions, 1x HIIT, and 1-2x Running. Her program changed every 4 weeks adding in different exercises. As well, week to week, I would make small changes to her program by either changing reps/sets and/or weight/tempo. This insured that she was constantly adding a stimulus to her program so that her body would not adapt and hit another plateau.

I also started to make more changes to her nutrition. At first we started out with a general rule of how to eat, how often to eat, and how to maintain a balanced life style. After that initial month, we started to incorporate more changes and to build more habits to her daily nutrition. With the simple rules of avoiding processed foods, getting in more plant-based protein, and cutting back fats, she was still making gradual process towards her goals.

Processed with Rookie Cam

In the final month, with 95% compliance so far, and a 2 week holiday in her soon to be future, we decided to use the 4 weeks leading up to her holidays to really focus in on the nutrition and increase the high intensity training. Only at this point did we start to really focus in on hitting specific macronutrients. Without cutting out any of the 3 main macronutrients, she stuck to whole-foods for her carb sources, healthy fats (but in moderation), and her plant-based protein sources for 4-5 meals per day. In the last month she focussed on meal prepping and planning ahead in order to keep compliance towards the new nutritional goals high. She continued to strength train 3x per week and bumped up her HIIT training to 2x per week with 1 lower intensity conditioning session. The results, well as you can expect, pretty darn good! The pictures below show results from just 4 weeks of meal prep and a more focussed nutritional plan cutting out the processed carbs and eating more frequently.

While pictures have a great way of showcasing the aesthetic changes/goals we may have, what can’t be shown is all of the other progress she made along the way. Overall, she is stronger and more confident in her body. Strength training is a great way to continue to celebrate those personal best victories when you add an extra 1kg to a lift or you are able to do strict pull-ups/push-ups for the first time. It is also a great way to gain motivation. Body changes can be a gradual change that can take weeks or months to notice, but victories in the gym can keep you on track to continue to go to the gym and fuel your body for your sessions.


Also, from cutting out more processed foods and focussing on an whole-foods plant-based diet she has improved her energy, digestion, bloating and overall health as well! It’s amazing what eating the right foods can do for your overall health.

Overall, through a scientific approach to training and eating, you will not only reach your goals but maintain them! I firmly believe in a coaching process that involves small changes alongside of education so that you are not only gradually working towards a larger outcome, but that you have tiny victories along the way and a full understanding of nutrition and active living. If you are interested in working towards your goals using a more personalized/sustainable approach, get in touch today for a full consultation


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